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March 31, 2010

The Tale of a Fox and a Yam

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Xavia Fox & Adam Jackson

Xavia Fox & Adam Jackson with the Monster Yam

Greetings TVP Fam!

First, the bad news:

Jimmy Jamm's Loaded Yam

The "Beast" of a Yam Xavia Must Face

Today was the big day for the “Eat the WHOLE Thing!” Jimmy Jamm’s Loaded Yam Competition. Our curvy friend Xavia Fox squared off against a truly colossal foe ready to completely devour her opponent! Unfortunately, she was unable to defeat the powerful potato. In her defense, Adam “AJ” Jackson, one of the proprietors of Jimmy Jamm’s, chose the largest, most mutated yam known to mankind (seriously, the thing had to weigh at least 3-4 pounds on its own!)! Xavia, being the trooper that she is, was able to polish off slightly more than half of the demon ‘tater. 🙂

Xavia and the Tater

Xavia is Able to Eat Half of the Yam before Conceding

Now, the good news:

Jimmy Jamm’s Sweet Potato Pies, located at 1844 W. 95th Street in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood, is chocked full of irresistible eats that are imaginative and very pleasing to the palate. My wife and I took home a significantly smaller Loaded Yam (Along with further thoughts of sabotage by Mr. Jackson! LOL) but stayed to enjoy a delicious steak sandwich (Philly-style steak, grilled green peppers and onions, and a slice of cheddar cheese on scrumptious sweet potato bread) sans Miracle Whip.

Additionally, we were treated to chicken and sweet potato waffles, an off menu item being considered for the regular list of mouth-watering fare at what has become an immediate favored destination for good conversation and fabulous eating. Just like the steak sandwich we enjoyed the chicken and waffles and enthusiastically urged AJ to add it to the menu.

If you enjoy a good great sweet potato you simply must visit Jimmy Jamm’s Sweet Potato Pies! Once you do, visit their page on Yelp to share what is sure to be a magnificent dining experience with your friends and don’t forget to tell the nice people at Jimmy Jamm’s you heard about them here on TVP! I can all but guarantee you will thank me later. 😉

March 25, 2010

TVP Has Been Challenged!

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Well, not actually TVP, but on of our Positively Plus Ladies – Xavia Fox! Next Wednesday, March 31st at 12pm she will be at Jimmy Jamm’s (1844 W. 95th Street) She will face off against her opponent: “The Jimmy Jamm Loaded Yam”!

Jimmy Jamm Loaded Yam

The Loaded Yam! Stuffed with steak, chicken or mushroom, sauteed onions & green peppers!

No doubt, Xavia is going to have her hands full! I’ll be there cheering her on and tweeting the whole event from @VoluptuaProject so be sure to add me and follow along. Better yet, if you are or will be in Chicago, why do you join us at Jimmy Jamm’s and be part of Team Xavia. See you there!

March 15, 2010

Positively Plus Profile: Xavia Fox

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Say Hello to This Week's Feature: Xavia Fox!

Positively Plus features the men and women of the curvy community doing something to better the lives of others. Anyone is eligible for a feature. All that is required is a desire to uplift the community in which you live. Please provide the information below to be considered via the contact page:

Name | Business Name (if applicable) | Location (City/State/Province) | Contact # (Optional) | Primary Business Email Address | Your Background/Why You Started Your Business | Product/Service Offering (if applicable) | How are you/will you be of service to the community | A Brief Bio – Please Limit to 300 Words

This week, TVP is proud to present Xavia India Fox!

Xavia Fox is a seasoned event manager and hostess with experience in Radio, TV and promotions formerly based in Milwaukee. Today, she uses the skills that made her famous in her home town right here in the exciting – and oh, so sexy – city of Chicago working with local promoters such as Daylight Media Corp and 220 Communications. Ms. Fox has organized various sophisticated Political & Corporate affairs, as well as Celebrity and VIP Events and was also the former host of a weekly radio show for singles. Xavia also founded and managed one of the largest singles groups on Yahoo called Duets Singles Events.

Xavia presently works in the real estate development field servicing the Chicago and Evanston areas. She takes great pleasure in placing a set of keys into the hands of new home owners. Even more fulfilling are all the wonderful smiles! Xavia states:

“Be it through events or when someone purchases their first home from me…there is always a smile. I love that about both industries I’m in…though they SEEM worlds apart, I get the same satisfaction from the end result.”

You can still find Xavia working with some of her native Milwaukee clientele such as the 100 Black Men of Milwaukee. She is also the Midwest event coordinator for the American Cancer Society.

Interested in hiring Xavia for your next event or project. You can reach her via email at or on Facebook via her profile. Be sure to mention you heard about her here at TVP! 😉

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