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November 29, 2010

Skinny Does Not Equal Healthy

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™



Christina Hendricks: Classy & Curvy

Over the Thanksgiving weekend several interesting conversations were held by the women in my family regarding their current weight, wanting to loose weight and just a general disdain for being overweight. It was amazing to me because (1) I can relate to some of the things they were saying – yes, men have body image issues too – and (2) no one seemed focused on what really mattered: being healthy.

I know the media bombards you with images of super skinny women and men with abs that only Photoshop can give but the true measure of your beauty is not provided by the scale that most of society uses. I submit that there are probably more healthy “fat” people than there are “skinny” people in the world. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that even at my current weight of 330 pounds I’m healthier than most of my friends because I don’t smoke, I exercise and I watch what I eat.

You do not have to be a size 0 to be healthy. Be happy with the body you have and treat it like the temple that it is and you will be doing a lot better than most. Even if there are some things about yourself you’d like to change, don’t do so because of what society says you should look like. Do it because you want to live a longer, healthier life and you want to look and feel better for your own sake.

Check out What Ellen had to say about body image and being healthy:

August 18, 2010

Using Your New Empty Nest to Allow Focused “Me Time” to Roost

by youcannow


[This is a Wellness Wednesday contribution with Fitness & Nutrition Life Coach Flossie Alexander of You Can NOW! Coaching.]

As Tiffanee and I walked up to the school I said to her, “Do you realize this is the last first day of elementary school that we will ever have?” And she says with a smile, “Ya, that’s weird mom.” It is weird to me too with her being the last of 7 kids in elementary school with 3 in college now. Can you say EMPTY NEST SYNDROME comin’ my way!?

Millions of mothers and fathers every year experience sending their baby off to school for the very last day of the first day of elementary. What does this mean with our kids growing up? With my own experience, I know once they hit middle school, it seems that time flies by super-fast. There aren’t many parties to host in school anymore or field trips that need chaperoned anymore. Our kids develop and independence. We start to feel the breeze of free time floating into our space for the first time in years. I started realizing this last year when I sat in my house alone while everyone else was off doing “their own thing” and I had no idea what to do with myself. The bottom line: this means we more time to focus on ourselves.

With your new found “YOU TIME,” do an inventory of where you are health wise. Do you feel good about you? Is it time to join some social groups to get you out and making friends? Do you need to join a gym or get a health/weight loss coach to create a new you? Do you have the career you want? Have you accomplished everything you wanted to do when you were planning your future at 18? Where do you want to be in 5 years when your baby is on his or her way to graduate from high school? Where do you want to be in 10 years? How do you want to retire from the working world?

The “Where do you want to be?” question is something I ask myself EVERY day now. When you come to that moment when your world has been interrupted by your kids pitter patting off into their own world and you realize the colors on the walls aren’t as bright as they used to be, it is time to create the YOU world and get back to accomplishing everything you ever wanted.

Be Healthy Every Day, You Are Worth It!

Flossie Alexander

Fitness & Nutrition Life Coach
You Can NOW! Coaching
Where Results ARE Typical!

About Flossie: Flossie is currently a member of the National Association of Professional Women and Toastmaster’s International. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach as well as a Certified Wellness Coach with a successful track record in leading organizations and individuals into achieving healthy lifestyle goals. After overcoming obesity, losing 165 pounds in 18 months, she has developed a passion to help others through public speaking and one-on-one weight loss coaching. Visit Flossie at to start creating your new healthy lifestyle and lose unhealthy weight permanently.

January 18, 2010

Positively Plus: Flossie Alexander of You Can NOW! Coaching Weight Loss Solutions, LLC!

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Flossie Alexander of You Can NOW! Coaching

Positively Plus features the men and women of the curvy community doing something to better the lives of others. Anyone is eligible for a feature. All that is required is a desire to uplift the community in which you live. Please provide the information below to be considered via the contact page:

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This week, TVP is proud to feature Flossie Alexander and You Can NOW! Coaching!

Imagine weighing nearly 400 lbs. and barely able to walk 10 steps without feeling completely exhausted. Think about what would go through your mind if you were diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and were just a few pounds shy of having diabetes mellitus. That was the world Flossie Alexander found her self in for more than 20 years.

Like many of us, Flossie went from diet to diet, program to program searching for a solution to her weight problem only to meet with defeat time and time again … she nearly gave up hope of ever becoming healthy. Finally, faced with knee surgery before the age of 40 she embarked on a mission to find a method of weight loss that worked. Her many years of research led not only to the loss of 165 lbs.but to the creation of You Can NOW Coaching!, a weight loss and life coaching business dedicated to empowering clients with the gift of increased health and well being.

Today she is a a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach as well as a Certified Well and Corporate Wellness Coach. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women and Toastmasters International. Her comprehensive program provides 24 hour support to her clients in an effort to liberate others from the shackles of obesity. Not only have clients lost weight and kept it off, some of them have gone on to become coaches with You Can NOW! in order to help others find their own personal weight loss success!

When asked what makes You Can NoW Coaching different from other more established programs this is what she had to say:

“When you see those fad diets and weight loss programs on TV they always say that their results are not typical.You buy their expensive meals and go to their meetings and most times all you have to show for it are limited (if any) weight loss and a lot of frustration. Not so with You Can NOW! Coaching! There are no meals to buy and no mandatory classes to attend. What you do get is a comprehensive step by step weight loss plan tailored to your specific needs coupled with rock solid support and tools provided by our coaches. The result is a healthier new you because at You Can NOW! Coaching the results ARE typical!”

If you are looking for a weight loss solution that doesn’t make empty promises and provides 24 hour support from compassionate and diligent coaches you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check out You Can NOW! Coaching. Don’t wait another minute! Flossie has  dedicated her life to helping people achieve their weight loss goals. Call or email today to find out how The You Can NOW! team can help you achieve the healthy life you’ve longed for.

You Can NOW! Coaching

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