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September 27, 2010

Why Weight Loss Surgery Isn’t for Me

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™
Gastric Banding

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Greetings TVP Fam!

For the past day or so I’ve been involved in a discussion over at the official page of TVP on Facebook and on Curvy Goddess Lounge. In this discussion we are talking about weight loss surgeries and the dangers they pose. Everyone is different and what works for each of us that are on a path of increased health through weight loss varies. For me, I know that procedures such as Gastric Bypass and the Lap-Band System just would not work for me and here’s why:

It’s Just Too Darn Dangerous

The Lap-Band site lists over 30 complications and risks involved with their product including:

  • Spleen or liver damage (with the spleen sometimes needing to be removed
  • Weight regain
  • Death

Granted, all medical procedures have risk but I’m just not convinced that the benefits outweigh them. Especially when there are simpler alternatives available for me.

It’s Expensive

According to the bariatric weight loss surgery guide site, the average cost of gastrointestinal surgical procedures is about $25,000. You can by a gym membership (which averages about $40-$60 a month) for life!

Fortunately, because of the severity of the obesity epidemic in America, many insurance companies are beginning to pay for the procedure (It’s how my mom was able to afford the Lap-Band surgery).  I just can’t – and won’t – shell out that kid of money for a procedure that is unlikely to work for me.

It Doesn’t Address the Real Underlying Issue

For me, the biggest reason I wouldn’t invest in weight loss surgery is that it is an external means of addressing what is for many an internal issue. The surgery will have short-term success but in the long run, if the underlying problems associated with being overweight aren’t addressed then it will eventually lead you right back to square one.

In high school, I weighed close to what I weigh now which was close to 400 lbs. While I made up my mind to loss weight and get healthier I realize in retrospect that I wasn’t doing if for myself. I was doing it to please everyone but myself and even though I lost close to 250 lbs. I gained it all back because I didn’t address certain issues I had about my body, my weight and my eating habits.

To Each His Own

Weight loss surgery isn’t for me. I refuse to go under the knife to “get skinny”. Some people may see it as their only option to lose weight. Whatever you decide, for those of you considering surgery as a weight loss option, please do your research before committing to doing anything. Talk with your doctor, your family or a trusted friend and ask yourself “Am I doing this for me? Is there a safer way to lose this weight? Do I really want this?”

I’s sure there are people who both agree and disagree with my stance on weight loss surgery. I urge everyone to share their experiences and opinions in the comments below.

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