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January 17, 2011

A New Year and New Beginnings for The Voluptua Project

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

choclate-and-curvyGreetings TVP Fam!

I have tons of stuff going on right now so this post will be rather short and sweet…

The Voluptua Project was always – and still is – meant to be a platform for promoting positive plus people, body image and heath and wellness. I have always tired to bring  you content that met or exceeded the mission of TVP.

In the pipeline (for those that are curious) we have the following coming up:

  • TVP Online magazine
  • First Quarterly TVP Meet & Greet
  • TVP Charity Fashion Show

I cannot do it alone however and so, beginning this month, I am actively seeking editors for the blog and community managers for the FB page. We’re ALWAYS seeking writers with a finger on the pulse of the plus community. I mention all this to basically say: If you would like to be part of TVP’s core team I’d love the company! Just visit the Contact page and let me know how you’d like to contribute. Thanks for reading (A BIG thank you to the TVP writing team!) and I hope your year is off to a fantabulous start!

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