Developing an Authentic Relationship with Your Body

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™


Authenticate | © 2010 Michael Stagg

You can’t be something you’re not | No matter how hard you try.
You can’t keep grasping for the earth | Not if you hope to touch the sky
You can’t change where you’re from | You can’t deny who you are
You have to learn to love you | You have to shine your own star!

I had the pleasure of listening in on a conference call a few nights ago entitled The Fruit of the Womb: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets from Your Own Birth Canal. The host of the call was Azziza Jafari; her guest speaker was my good friend and mentor Mu Shemsu-t of the Master Force International Leadership Academy. While the call was undoubtedly geared toward women, I found myself very interested in this topic which focused on“the secrets we carry with us from the programming we received while in the warm confines of our mother’s womb”.

There was a lot of healing and transformation during this call. One of the key elements that kept coming up was the need to be authentic in our interactions with others as well as within our own internal dialogue. This was a huge thing for me as I have been contemplating my own relationships and what I was contributing – good or bad – to each of them. In the realm of health and wellness, I asked myself if I had been genuinely pursuing my goals or was I just “talking the talk”. The answer was a nonjudgmental yet firm no.

Here’s something to give a try: make space in your day for about 5-10 minutes of conscious introspection (If you would like suggestions on how to meditate send me a note for suggestions) and ask yourself the hard questions where your body image is concerned. “Am I being loving toward myself and my body?” or “Who and I really losing this weight for?” are two that come to mind. Grab a pen and pad and jot down your responses. Are they showing you that you’re being authentic or are you “faking” your way around the issue. If it’s the latter, consider re-evaluating the core reasons behind what’s bothering you and consciously (and honestly) decide to do something about it. You may want to consider bringing in a coach or a mentor to help. Joy Tanksley and Flossie Alexander are both great when it comes to resolving body image and lifestyle challenges for the curvier among us. I highly recommend them both.

Is it easy to live authentically? No, it’s not. I’m still working on be more authentic and I know it’s a trait to must be cultivated daily. What’s important is that we begin to take note of those times when we are not being genuine – with others and ourselves – and make an effort to change the way we do things. Just being mindful of our authenticity (or lack thereof) is a step in the right direction. Do you have any suggestions for living more authentically? Please share them in the comments below.

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