Just Say It…

by Donya B

a childs gratitudeWith Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas right around the corner, we traditionally set aside this time for reflecting on those things that we are thankful for, so it seems appropriate to speak on gratitude.  For those in good relationships, be thankful that you have a kindred soul to share your world with.  For those entering new relationships, be thankful that you have a like heart and mind to begin a new chapter of your life with.  For those who have just fallen out of a relationship, be thankful that you had the insight to free yourself (or that you were released) from that experience with sound mind and body.  And lastly, for those who aren’t in any of those situations, be thankful that you have yourself and your God to love and appreciate you.  We all have something to be thankful for, even if it takes a while to figure out what it is.

I have a dear friend who dreaded going into this holiday season.  Her family is across country; her mother has been with God for many years now; her marriage officially ended earlier this year…  She felt so alone because of all she didn’t have.  I felt for her, though I can’t say I felt her pain because I have never been in that place myself.  But I reminded her that even though those things were gone, she has a wealth of things at her fingertips.  She turned her focus there, then we spent the day enjoying the craziness of my family.  Even though it wasn’t her people or her place or her tradition, she felt loved and at home and welcomed.  The way you’re supposed to feel at the holidays.  Sometimes it’s just recognizing what you do have that makes all the difference.

Think on it: How often do you say Thank You?  How many times over the course of a day do you let those two little words slip from your lips? If someone holds a door for you instead of just letting it close in your face, do you say thank you?  If someone picks up something you dropped, do you express your gratitude?  Do you wake up and realize you have activity of your body and just say thank you?  Gratitude in your heart becomes gratitude in your actions and that enriches your soul!

Ok, Ms. De, we get it, but what does all of this have to do with relationships?  If you knew how many times I’ve heard someone say, “He just doesn’t appreciate me, ” or “ She takes what I do for granted,” you’d fully understand.  Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation… they go well beyond being mere courtesies.  They are the glue that holds people together.  You’d be amazed at how far that little bit of fuel can take you.  As a matter of fact, give it a try! Make a point of saying Thank You several times today.  Make a point of showing your gratitude and appreciation at every opportunity.  See how much better you feel (yes, make it selfish) by saying thank you to the cashier or your bus driver.  Then imagine how much better it makes them feel… Warm fuzzies… bask in it for a second…

So on that note, I thank you, each of you who read this and any of my other posts.  Your patronage gives me a reason to keep exercising my writing muscles, sharpening my wit and observing life from new perspectives.  I appreciate you!


Ms. De

About Donya:

Donya Vaughn is a So Cal native, collegiate of San Diego State University and graduate of the University of Life, mastering in “Wow, That Was Harder Than It Needed To Be”. Known to her close friends as “The Walking Encyclopedia”, Donya prides herself in being helpful, knowledgeable and ready to serve. She uses these traits along with unwavering optimism and Christian good spirit regularly as owner and consultant of As You Like… Wedding & Event Services.

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