Tired of My Hot Mama!

by Vonda Howard

Hey Vonda,

Okay so, what am I supposed to do?  My mom lost her job about a year ago and has since came to stay with me.  Vonda, it all started off just fine, but can you tell me when my mom became so wild?  She smokes weed on our back porch, she goes out to clubs and stays out all times of night, she has had I don’t know how many boyfriends and to top it all off, she wears clothes that are at least two sizes too small!

Now, I don’t have any problem with my mom having a good time and enjoying her empty nest, but I have a 16 year old in the house and this is setting a very bad example for her.  I have approached her about her behavior and she just tells me to “mind my own business”.

Vonda, I would hate to have to put her out on the street because she is my mother, but how much longer am I supposed to take this?

Tired of My Hot Mama

Dear Tired of My Hot Mama,

Although I took a moment to chuckle at this letter, I can sympathize with what you are going through.  One one side, I understand that your mom wants to live her life to the fullest now that she does not have any more kids to take care of.  However, you have to think about YOUR daughter.

Frankly, your mom is blatantly disrespecting you and your home.  You are dead on my attempting to check her on her behavior.  The last thing you need is her bopping around the house half dressed, doing illegal drugs and being sexually promiscuous.  Take the time to really talk with her (your mom), and let her know that that is YOUR house and if her behavior doesn’t change or stop all together, that she will have to find someone else to live with.  Remember, like her, you are a mom too.   Good luck!


About the Author: Vonda Howard is the author of the new hot book series, The D-Cup Divas™, a graphic designer of her own graphic design firm, Cupcake Creative Studio, mom to two, wife to her one and only and a domestic goddess (not really…LOL). She does not profess to be an expert, but just that one opinionated girlfriend you go to for the straight nitty-gritty. So just relax and enjoy. ;o) Do you have a question? Send it to this address:heyvonda@thedcupdivas.com and you may get featured!

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