Your Body’s Calling

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™
365:279 Vulnerable

Image by seq via Flickr

Before anyone asks, no, I’m not referring to the R. Kelly song! So, what do I mean by your body’s calling? Read on to find out…

Look in the Mirror. What Do You See?

As a – ahem – man of substance, it’s not uncommon for me to look in the mirror and take a good long stare at myself. I’m not being narcissistic; in fact, I think it’s the opposite since most times I force myself to objectively survey the person staring back at me. What I’m doing is looking in the mirror for acceptance – self acceptance.

Learning to Love What You See

Like most people, I have my days when I love what I see in the mirror; some days, not so much. One the days when I feel like I’m having a poor body image day I:

  1. Breath
  2. Ask myself why I’m experiencing poor body image today
  3. Recall experiences when I’ve had a good body image day and see what made that day different
  4. No matter what, I affirm that I am a worthwhile human being regardless of my size and choose to be happy as I am.

Your Body’s Calling…Are You Listening?

Everyday, our bodies beckon us to accept the person we see in the mirror. It yearns for us to finally realize that we are more than our dress or pant size. It compels us to exercise our right to experience the love that no amount of fad dieting, surgery or “comfort food” can grant us – it’s called self love.

Do you hear your body calling? How do you heed the call? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.


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