New Contest for TVP Facebook & Twitter Members

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

ContestGreetings TVP Fam!

As I mentioned on the TVP Facebook page, I’m hosting another awesome contest this week! This one is sponsored by Affluence PR & Marketing featuring products from her clients BE4 Apparel and BE Beverly Hills. The prize pack will be worth approximately $120, consisting of BE4 Apparel Tees as well as shine and hair repair serum and nettiescrub samples from BE Beverly Hills’ bath and body line. Celebs that have used these marvelous products include Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, Kelly Rowland and several of the female cast members from 90210!

So what’s the contest you ask? It’s very simple. It’s called Embrace Your Space. I will post a question on the TVP Facebook page and on our Twitter page (Hint: it will revolve around your body perception). We will select the best answer to that question; it;s author will receive the prize. It’s simple, right?! So be sure to visit – and join, if you haven’t already – our Facebook and Twitter pages and look out for the contest to start this Tuesday October 26, 2010. The winner of the contest will be announced Monday, November 1, 2010 on the TVP Facebook page. Contest rules will be listed on the Facebook page as well. Good Luck!

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