Where Does the Anger Go?

by Donya B
Angry cat

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Crimson tide assaulted and disbursed
By the cries and tears from heaven.
Appendages directed in ways unnatural
Joints where none should be.
His stare is cold, as if to curse me
Dark tears run from his eyes.
The hollowness of his soul seeps from his mouth
The gurgle of hatred stuck in his throat.

My hand directs the post and
my foot asserts itself to the pedal familiar
bringing what was behind me to my side.
In the distance ahead, the trickles of water
crossing his face make him look like
a child at play in the spring grey skies.
So happy, so peaceful.
It appears as though he laughs
in his contentment.

Engine rumbles to life and that
which was before me greets me quickly.
Obstacles arise between the rubber and the asphalt.
Thump thump
thump thump.
… last sounds I hear before the funky music of a white boy floods my car…

“When I say shut up, I mean shut up…”

We all have been there.  Some of us don’t want to leave there while some of us try our best to avoid heading that direction.  It’s a natural emotion, but in truth, it’s not very healthy.  Anger is fierce.  Anger is hurtful and anger can be dangerous.

What do you do when you’re angry?  Sometimes it depends on with whom or what you’re angry.  Have you ever wanted to “slap the taste out of someone’s mouth”?    Have you ever gotten so frustrated with a machine you wanted to throw it out the window?  You may have wanted to, but have you ever actually done it?  (I see a bunch of you nodding… tsk tsk…)  When I was younger, I used to throw shoes at the wall when I was angry.  It was a healthy release that hurt no one, though it did leave nasty scuff marks on the walls…

What’s my point today?  Find healthy, safe outlets to release your anger.  Lashing out at your significant other, your child, your best friend may feel good at that moment, but if they aren’t the source of your anger, you know you are in the wrong and have just caused a bigger problem than you had before.  If they are the source, consider your approach.  Think through the situation, compile your concerns, channel your emotion into rational thought and maintain your cool.  The problem won’t be solved by yelling, cussing or screaming at anyone.  Talk it out like an adult.  And while the thought of running that SOB over may sound like a good release, I’d suggest you reconsider…


Ms. De

Cinnamon Truffle:  Letting anger consume you is like setting fire to your own clothes.  You may get someone’s attention, but the only person who suffers is you.

One Comment to “Where Does the Anger Go?”

  1. A great post that makes me go hmmm….thought provoking! Oh anger, there are times I know it well. Thankfully I’ve come to identify that most times it’s brought on by frustration and fear and so, I’ve learned to handle it accordingly.

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