Don’t Wanna Be A Fool…

by Vonda Howard

Hey Vonda,

I have a big problem. I currently live with my boyfriend of about 5 years. We have a pretty good relationship, I mean, he has cheated on me one time, but I think we got past it. About a year ago my best friend got put out of her apartment and needed somewhere to stay, so I let her move in with us. We had an extra bedroom and really could use the extra funds.

Now, Vonda, I may be a lot of things but stupid is not one of them. My boyfriend lost his job about 4 months ago so he is here all day. I have come home and found empty condom wrappers (we don’t use them) in the couch (that he says aren’t his) and he gets strange calls on his cell phone. That’s not even the half of it though! My best friend walks around the house in her bra and panties with him there. I have told her plenty of times, that this is not cool, but she still continues to do it. I have walked in on them giggling and whispering on more than one occasion. I have questioned both of them about it, but they both shoot me down and tell me that I am way off and they are just friends. What do you think Vonda? Should I kick both of them to the curb or am I just being jealous?

Don’t Wanna Be A Fool

Dear Don’t Wanna Be A Fool,

I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but…you are being a fool.  You may not want to be one, but you are.  From me reading this letter I can tell you flat out that this whole situation stinks.

Why is it that you have a grown man in the house that isn’t providing some sort of income?  I understand times are hard for everyone, but a brother can at least get a job at McDonald’s, Walmart or whatever until something better comes along.  There is no way an able bodied man should be sitting on the couch while you are at work.

It is nice to hear that you two were able to get past his indiscretion and move forward with the relationship.  However, forgiving him of what he did to you in the past does not mean you check in your intuition either.  Really?  It’s not his?  That is the best he could do?  You said you don’t use them, so where are they coming from?  The condom fairy?  Come on girl, wake up on that one!

Now, when it comes o your “best friend”…I can think of a lot of things she is and FRIEND is not one of them!  You gave this chick a roof over her head and this is how she repays you?  Her walking around your house AND in front of your man in her bra and panties is a major violation and should warrant you throwing her ass out.  A REAL friend would NOT disrespect you the way she is!  I can’t sit here and tell you whether or not they are doing anything, but from what I read, it doesn’t look good.

Honey, I say you just kick both of their low down behinds to the curb and get on with your life.  I don’t know you personally, but I can say that you deserve a hell of a lot better that what they are giving you!

Good Luck


About the Author: Vonda Howard is the author of the new hot book series, The D-Cup Divas™, a graphic designer of her own graphic design firm, Cupcake Creative Studio, mom to two, wife to her one and only and a domestic goddess (not really…LOL). She does not profess to be an expert, but just that one opinionated girlfriend you go to for the straight nitty-gritty. So just relax and enjoy. ;o) Do you have a question? Send it to this and you may get featured!


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