Put some dirt on it…

by Donya B
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Remember when you were a kid and you stood at the top of a hill thinking, “This would be so fun to run down!”  Then you started running… And it was fun!  The speed, the exhilaration, the adrenaline rush… until you realized you couldn’t stop.  There were no brakes on this happy train other than that prickly bush right in front of you.  Your mind starts racing faster than your heart… Your feet try to dig in to stop your momentum… Your eyes dart left to right, trying to find a softer escape route… Nothing.  Gravity takes control and first you fall, rolling and tumbling, scraping your arms and legs, then you plow head first right into the branches.  It takes a few dazed and confused moments before you realize it’s over.  But you’re safe now.  The hard part is over; you just have some recovery to do.  The scrapes and bruises will remind you for a while of the adventure, but eventually, they will fade away.  The memory will still be there and there may be a couple of scars, but the pain is gone, the ache is gone and the moment is gone.

That’s the anatomy of a break-up.  From the top of the hill, everything is beautiful, exciting and right at your fingertips.  It’s fresh and wonderful and you can’t wait to experience more.  But it’s exploring the strange without the good sense to take it slowly and carefully that causes problems.  Once the momentum builds and things start to go wrong, they will keep going wrong.  And by the time you recognize that things have gone wrong, it’s normally too late to stop it.  That’s when the pain starts.  In some cases, it’s quick, like a paper cut, but sometimes the blade is heavier causing deep wounds.  The silver lining in all of this:  the pain does stop.  You do find the strength to get up out of that bush, dust yourself off, rub some dirt on it and keep steppin’.  Sure, you know it’s going to burn like hell when you rinse it off and medicate it, but understand that’s just a second’s displeasure that’s necessary to begin the healing process.

I fell down that hill on a fourth grade field trip (incidentally, I was pushed!) and I know someone fell down that hill sitting in their living room last night.  But just like I did, you can get up, wipe the tears from your cheeks and chalk it up as a lesson learned.  I haven’t forgotten that helpless feeling, I haven’t forgotten the searing pain of the skin shredding off my arms, but the scars are gone and I have healed.  You will too.  Just hold on and keep breathing, keep praying, keep believing.  It hurts like hellfire right now, but it will pass; He told  me so.


Ms. De

Lindt Truffle: No words of wisdom, just the comfort of a delicious piece of chocolate.  From me to you – I love you.

2 Comments to “Put some dirt on it…”

  1. Powerful, inspiring stuff! This is what blogging is all about. Thank you!

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