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September 6, 2010

Curvy + Profile: LuAnne D’Souza

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™


LuAnne of Weesha's World

Curvy +/Suave Gents Profiles feature the men and women of the curvy community doing something to better the lives of others. Anyone is eligible for a feature. All that is required is a desire to uplift the community in which you live. Please provide the information below to be considered via the contact page:

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This week, TVP is proud to present LuAnne D’Souza!

LuAnne the Individual

This beautiful Phatshionista is from Dubai, UAE by way of Goa, India. She enjoys “happy stuff, ambiguity and audacity”. Her musical taste is a nice mix of pop and rock and R&B; you can often find LuAnne giving herself eargasms with the likes of Michael Jackson, Nirvana and Evanescence. LuAnne is also a Taurus which makes her SUPER cool in my book! 🙂

LuAnne the Professional

LuAnne is a visual artist for the prestigious Ampersand Design Studio team which is a Dubai based firm offering cutting edge design solutions for clients worldwide. LuAnne is also an avid blogger. You can find her discussing life, love and the pursuit of fashion at Weesha’s World. Be sure to check her out!

LuAnne in the Community

“Self acceptance and self love is so discouraged in our society with beauty ads and TV shows and Hollywood, so I think it’s very important to provide a different perspective of what real girls look like and that being skinny doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after life.” – LuAnne

Weesha’s World is a product of LuAnne’s desire to combat the lack of media attention for women with curves. Inspired by a Mia Tyler interview, LuAnne created her blog as a haven for those seeking information on the latest curvy girl trends as well a place to share her feelings on self acceptance, heart break and relationships. “I think everybody goes through these issues in life and it helps to know that you’re not the only one and that if other people can overcome them, so can you,” says LuAnne.

To find out more about LuAnne please visit the following links:

Facebook | Weesha’s World | Ampersand Design Studio

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