Fact or Fiction: Tackling the Top 7 Makeup Myths

by Elegance Makeup: Looks By Uhuru

makeupDon’t believe everything you here when it comes to your makeup. Here are seven common myths surrounding the use of makeup and the truth about them.

MAKEUP MYTH #1:    Black eyeliner can make your eyes appear bigger

Dark shades can actually make eyes appear smaller, rather than bigger. If you want

your eyes to appear larger, use lighter colors such as brown, gray, or even violet. By lining the

inner rims of your eyes with a white pencil before applying mascara, you can actually open up

your eyes appearance and create the illusion of bigger eyes.

MAKEUP MYTH #2:    You can make your lips look bigger by lining outside of your natural lip line

FICTION. Lining the outside of your lips only makes them look unnatural because you are

trying to create features you don’t have. Try wearing medium to light lip colors, or use lip gloss if

you want the appearance of fuller lips. Shades that are too dark make small lips look even


MAKEUP MYTH #3:    Wear makeup too often causes you to look ugly or old without it

FICTION. Makeup is suppose to enhance your natural features, NOT make your natural self

look like someone else – although there are women who put on full faces every day and end up

look nothing like themselves. Leaving the house without regular makeup may expose subtle

differences such as a few blemishes or dark circles here and there, but they are to be expected.

MAKEUP MYTH #4:    Wearing makeup every day can damage your skin

FICTION. Because most makeup products contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that

nourish and moisturize the skin during the day or protects the skin from the harmful sun’s rays,

from the wind and the dust, it is actually harmless.

MAKEUP MYTH #5:    If you don’t wear makeup, you can cleanse your face only with water

FICTION. Every night, your skin sheds dead skin. Every day, your skin produces many oils

and attracts dust, which if not removed in time may lead to different breakouts and skin prone

blemishes (acne, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads…etc). Proper daily cleansing with mild

cleansers and facial toners that are appropriate for your skin type is essential for every skin type

and age. Water will not cut it.

MAKEUP MYTH #6:    If you use waterproof mascara, your lashes will become brittle

FICTION. Most waterproof mascaras not only contain more proteins and vitamins than the

water soluble mascaras, but silicone oils – which create a protective coat on the lashes and

nourish them. Although it is true that waterproof mascara may be very difficult to remove, with

the right makeup remover, you shouldn’t have any problems.

MAKEUP MYTH #7:    Eyelash curlers can damage your lashes

FICTION….so long as you know how to use eyelash curlers properly. Curling your eyelashes

using an eyelash curler can make your eyes look wider, brighter and longer without making them

look fake. You should always use eyelash curlers before applying mascara. Carefully positioned

them gently on the tip lashes, squeeze the edges of the eyelash curler together and hold for a few

seconds and gently release the curler from the lashes. Repeat until you have achieved the desired


Did you believe some or all of these myths? Do you have any others that you’ve heard? Share them in the comments and I’ll do my best to find out if it’s fact or fiction.

About the Author:

For over 14 years, Chicago native Uhuru Freeman has been a face of many artistic and creative ventures such as dancer, singer, competitive beauty model & more.  Uhuru is the founder of Elegance Makeup where she’s made it her mission to not only beautify others from the inside outside, but to encourage and teach beauty from within. Visit Elegance Makeup at www.enchanted-elegance.com for more information or to book your very own elegant experience.


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