Love vs. Logic: It’s Mathematics

by Donya B

Author’s Caveat: This is a personal battle right now…  Just ride it out with me…

It is my curse as a Sagittarian to be both unconditionally loving and unwaveringly logical.  Unfortunately, the two are mutually exclusive (yes, that was a nod to 8th grade Algebra).  One has absolutely nothing to do with the other and like magnetic poles, don’t want to have anything to do with each other.  Love is not logical.  Period.

In battle, does it ever make sense to leave your left flank open?  That’s how LT broke Joe Theisman’s leg…  In the Battle of Bunker Hill, that’s how the British were defeated.  In cooking, do you ever walk away from the skillet? No, your seared ahi becomes ah crap in an instant.  When watching children, do you let them out of eye or ear shot?  You’re asking for trouble if you do.  So why in matters of human relations do we allow ourselves to be exposed, unguarded, weak, submissive and vulnerable?  Are we not asking for annihilation?  And then we want to be mad and jaded when it does happen… Humans are illogical creatures!

Here forward, I pledge Vulcan allegiance.  I give up on making sense of the heart.  I’m closing up ranks, ordering in and dismissing everything that cannot be rationally defined.  But can I really do that?  Can I walk away from believing in the one thing that makes this world continue to spin?  Can I turn my back on the little things that put those knowing smiles on every single face?  Can I really say that fluttering feeling in the pit of your stomach when you hear that person’s voice is just a hormonal/chemical disruption of your digestive process?  Can I really?

Right now I’m angry.  I’m hurt, upset and angry.  I should not be subject to that which I am and therefore should walk away.  That would make perfect sense.  I should remove myself from said damaging situation before any additional hurt can be administered.  Logic.  If you put your hand on a hot stove, it hurts. Move it. Logic.  But my heart says stand still.  Quotes from my favorite book come to mind; “Stand still and know that I am God,” “This too shall pass,” “Love is patient and kind,”… but we all know religion and logic have nothing to do with each other either!  Religion is Faith.  I guess if you think about it, so is Love.

Love is having faith that when you expose yourself, your inner self, your vulnerable self, you will be safe.  Love is having faith that even though you’ve been burned several times and the scar tissue is thick, someone knows how to gently carve it away, freeing you without destroying you.  Love is having faith in knowing the truth will actually set you free.  Love believes the impossible.

Tart Cherry Truffle: It doesn’t always have to make sense, it just is.  Keep logic in your head, not your heart.


2 Comments to “Love vs. Logic: It’s Mathematics”

  1. Yes, I see the battle, but take heart, there is more to the story than the “struggle.” Love and logic are not totally exclusive. In fact, they are intimately connected by a structure that reaches into the depths of all that is human and into the heights of all that is divine. You might want to read the blog that I just posted two days ago–here’s part of it. I hope this helps and thanks for the opportunity to post!

    And, speaking of love, LOVE, ultimately, becomes the most significant experience possible. True, love’s meaning is embedded in “time of mind,” but the experience of love enters through the negative space of “time of mind”– the space of the aesthetic continuum, which, structurally, implies the existence of God. In terms of God’s structure, “time of mind” is the source of meaningful symbol creation, which, in turn, opened the door to the creation of language, myth, religion, art, theoretical knowledge, and the rest of the civilizing processes that we call civilization. But, this ongoing self-liberation is not only embedded in civilization, it is also embedded in the aesthetic continuum where the true meaning of life can be found.

    Love animates and grows the spirit and the spiritual. Without it there would be no work ethic, no survival. Where LOVE burns brightest, that is where the Absolute Affirmation reigns supreme. It is love that must be affirmed. Liberation moves God’s structure forward, but LOVE is the real liberator. Lover and beloved become as one in love. All opposites come together in love. There is no substitute for love. Freedom, beauty, and completeness are embedded there; the psychic and the cosmic are embedded there. It is the same in death as in life!

  2. I could totally identify with the mathematics. Though I be a Libra I find the same as you Sagittarian, in regards to mathematics and love. Librans suffer from these love attacks more frequently, thanks to Venus and the sensitive nature. It is all about love to me. You expressed this thought so perfectly which I could think and feel, but couldn’t put it in words as beautiful as you. Thank you. I needed it today.

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