The Most Inspirational Quote of All Time

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi

There are a lot of quotes I cling to for inspiration but one of the most influential in my “Quote Bible” is by Miyamoto Musashi, author of “The Book of Five Rings”. In the book he states that “the purpose of life is to give life purpose”.

Life is about finding your purpose and then sharing what you’ve discovered with the world. For example, my fitness and nutrition coach, Flossie Alexander struggled with weight issues but eventually lost 165 pounds. Now she shares her story along with the methods she used to get healthy with others.

As for me, I feel that my purpose is to serve others through the medium of transformational coaching and the written word with a little social media consulting thrown in to keep things interesting.

What is your purpose? Find it. Live it. Share it.

2 Comments to “The Most Inspirational Quote of All Time”

  1. Hey Mike! Inspirational indeed. I’ve danced around this question for a tad bit too long, so it’s definitely time to put some concrete words to what I know to be true.

  2. I feel blessed to be a massage therapist and yoga instructor. I became a massage therapist after receiving so much help from massage therapy myself after several car accidents. Years later, with other strains accumulating from the physical work of being a massage therapist, I took up yoga to counteract the repetitiveness of massage therapy on my body. I had so much difficulty finding teachers/studios that knew how to work with my round body, that I decided to become a yoga teacher so that I could teach specialized classes!

    Now I’m teaching Yoga for Round Bodies classes, workshops and retreats in Toronto, Canada and loving it. And students LOVE that their teacher is round, too.

    I feel truly blessed that I found purpose and passion in my lifework. I will never be bored!

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