Being Your Own Best Friend

by youcannow

Delight[This is a Wellness Wednesday contribution with Fitness & Nutrition Life Coach Flossie Alexander of You Can NOW! Coaching.]

Too often we make big promises to ourselves and fail to follow-through. When we don’t follow-through on these promises we lose trust in ourselves.

Here’s a question for you … If your best friend treated you the way that you treat yourself would you continue to be friends?

This week try a new approach. Resolve that the most important thing you can do this week is to start rebuilding trust in yourself. No matter how small or simple you may think it is, set a goal or a step that is challenging for you. Write it down your goal and put it someplace that you’ll see it. Each day focus on following-through with your promise to yourself.

See how it feels to know that you can really trust yourself. With new confidence you’ll be ready to take on even bigger challenges.

Learn to be your own best friend and give yourself the support you need. You are the only person that will never leave you!

Yours in Health,

Flossie Alexander
Fitness & Nutrition Life Coach
You Can NOW! Coaching
Where Results ARE Typical!

About Flossie: Flossie is currently a member of the National Association of Professional Women and Toastmaster’s International. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach as well as a Certified Wellness Coach with a successful track record in leading organizations and individuals into achieving healthy lifestyle goals. After overcoming obesity, losing 165 pounds in 18 months, she has developed a passion to help others through public speaking and one-on-one weight loss coaching. Visit Flossie at to start creating your new healthy lifestyle and lose unhealthy weight permanently.


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