The V Chronicles: So Over Shamar

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

All content in The V(irgin) Chronicles is based on the actual lifestyle and experiences of contributing author Raquiyba “Deborah Estelle” Bolton. Certain names, places and actual dates have been changed to protect the privacy of third parties.

The V Chronicles serves as a place to get people (and not just teens) talking about sex especially in the African American community. Hopefully you will be challenged, find humor, see yourself and be sparked to think about your own sexuality and lifestyle. The writings of the V Chronicles seek to offer a different perspective on life, love, purpose, virginity and abstinence.

It is important to say that because these writings include feelings, perspectives and side notes from Raquiyba they do not take on the definition of a Chronicle in true form. They are however a Chronicle of her life, starting from age 9 through her current age of 29.

All questions, suggestions or comments can be emailed to Michael Stagg of The Voluptua Project at or Raquiyba Bolton at

Now I present to you – The V Chronicles

June 25th 1995 – Louis was only my baby for a minute! He was fine and all but a little too clingy! We argued way too much! And like my mother says ‘sex only adds fuel to the fire, if you start sleeping with a guy, all the emotions will be intensified’. I don’t think I could handle that! Maybe it’s not the right time… or maybe he’s not the right guy. He was saying something about focusing on his music anyway…

black-coupleSeptember 1995 – I’ve always been the type to do my own thing and Junior High would be no different. I already know in my mind I will be one of the only Freshmen hangin’ out with the seniors. It doesn’t matter if I’m short and skinny… I’m me! My personality always stands out. Plus, I was always one of the prettiest girls in the class.

We just did school shopping at the Gap and, though I live in Brooklyn, I can’t WAIT to rock my Doc Martins’. So fly! Yeah! The boys will like me! I KNOW it!!!

Nichelle got accepted to the gifted school so I’m doing this alone. I am sure that I’ll meet some cool chicks to walk with though. I’m 13 years old now. I’m a teenager! I can’t be afraid to do things on my own… The thing is I AM scared, but I can’t let that show! The day is progressing, I know where my classes will be and everyone seems cool! This cool girl named Shauna and I seem like we will hit it off lovely! Now let me just find the boys! I can’t wait until lunchtime!

Shauna: So are you kicking it with anyone? My boyfriend went to I.S. 240.

Me: No! I hope there are some really cute boys here though! (Both laughing)

Shauna: Well I hear there are a couple of really popular boys here from P.S. 120.

Me: I haven’t seen any guys yet I think are that cool!

Shauna: There’s this one guy named Shamar! He’s short but I heard…

As she’s finishing her sentence I feel a presence. Instinctively I can feel a guy walking behind me so I turn around slightly. . Wow! My heart is beating fast! Ohh gosh! Faster! He is SO fine… What is his name? Ohh gosh he’s smiling at me… Keep your cool girl! Keep your COOL girl! Breeeathe!

Shamar: ‘Sup Shorty!

Me: Hi

Shamar: What school are you from?

Me: P.S. 56

Shamar: I went to 240

Me: Cool.

Shamar: Where’s your man at?

Me: (In a sly voice) Why?

Shamar: Dang Shorty! You ain’t gotta be like that! I’m just tryna see what’s up with you!

Me: Hmmm…

Shamar: So can I bag that number?

Me: (Laughing) Sure!

Shamar: Cool Shorty! I’ll call you later…

Me: Cool!

Shamar starts to walk away… The bell saying lunch is over is ringing… Me? Touching my hair making sure it’s in place… Shamar turns around.

Shamar: Yo Shorty? Can I walk you home?

Me: Smiling coyly… I guess.

Shamar: I’ll meet you here in the cafeteria at 3 o’clock.

By now my heart is racing fast… And what is going on in my body? Here I am. I’m in the body of 13 year old girl with hormones raging! Raging! Raging with the passion that is not yet tempered with the wisdom of one who’s older… Looking back, I’m shaking my head. Just as soon as Shamar walked up behind me, he WAS behind me. Traded me for what he said was a ‘better’ model. Some chick that wasn’t even THAT cute! Sure her hair was long but so was mine! She could really sing though!

Talking to myself I say “chicka you can’t let it get you down! There are LOTS of fine boys in this school… You bag like 3 numbers a week… Shamar who?”

And so the search for that lucky guy continues! I just don’t understand why guys are so impatient! Why would they mess up a good thing for something easy? Maybe I’ll never know!!!

My friend Shauna? Well you’ll read more about her! We had some fun times!

Tune in soon for more updates on the V Chronicles!

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  1. ooooooooooh love this! I need more please and thank you!


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