Tricks of the Trade: Celebrity Makeup Techniques to Achieve Stardom At Home

by Elegance Makeup: Looks By Uhuru

Ever wondered how some celebrities achieve that ‘perfect face,’ flawless glow or natural looking high cheek bones when they walk the red carpet? What’s the secret? Highlighting and contouring! Although it takes some practice to master, it creates a sense of balance and adds definition. Here’s how to achieve that perfectly defined look at home.

Uhuru – Elegance Makeup


HIGHLIGHTING & CONTOURINGmonique-golden-globes

To highlight & contouring is to utilize shades lighter & darker than your skin color to sculpt, change & even alter the appearance of your features. It creates the illusion of fuller or narrowed features. Professionals like to utilize contouring for film or photography effect. Lighter contouring during the day & intensify slightly for evening. Always remember to apply regular foundation before contouring makeup.


WHAT YOU NEED: A color that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation.

A shimmery white or beige eye shadow or a lighter foundation

works fine.


* Front of the forehead
* Along the bridge of your nose
* Right above your cheeks
* Inner corner of your eyes
* Brow bone
* Center of your chin
* Lips


WHAT YOU NEED: A color that is one to two shades darker than your foundation.

Brown eye shadow, bronzer or a darker foundation works fine.

* Under your cheekbones
* Along both sides of your nose
* Bottom of your chin
* Jaw line
* Creases of your eyes
* Temples

Contouring the Nose: For a slimmer nose, apply the darker contour shade along the sides of your nose & the lighter highlighting shade down the center of your nose. With a finger or fine brush, blend until there is no visible separation.

Contouring the Cheekbones: Apply the lighter highlighting foundation to the top of your cheekbones & the darker contouring foundation just under the bone. Blend well, then with a light blush brush, apply blush to the mound of the cheekbone & along the hairline. Blend well. The resulting appearance should look subtle, yet uniform & not that of stripey cheeks.

Contouring the Chin: Apply and blend the highlighter foundation along to the center of the chin, directly under the center of the lip. To soften the appearance of a double chin, apply your deeper contour shade just underneath and along the chin & jaw line and blend down, towards your neck to your shirt line to avoid a “mask” look.

Contouring the Forehead: Lightly apply the darker contour shade to each temple of the forehead, blend upward along the hairline. Apply the lighter highlighting foundation along the forefront of the forehead and blend upward along the hairline well. This will create a shadow effect causing the head to look more rounded.

Contouring the Eyes: For droopy eyelids or puffy eyes, use neutrals to create a natural smokey eye by apply the darker shade all over the lid & blending. Use the lighter shade – such as a gold or butternut – along the brow bone & blend. When complete, your eyes should have a natural uplifted appearance. Add a few coats of volumizing mascara to the top lashed & you’re done.

About the Author:

For over 14 years, Chicago native Uhuru Freeman has been a face of many artistic and creative ventures such as dancer, singer, competitive beauty model & more.  Currently, this face and founder of Elegance Makeup has made it her mission to not only beautify others from the inside outside, but to encourage and teach beauty from within. Visit Elegance Makeup at for more information or to book your very own elegant experience.

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