Phatshionista Tuesday’s First Suave Gent: Heavy D

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Heavy D

Image Credit D-Nice Photography

Greetings TVP Fam!

I’m switching up a bit this week and giving the spotlight to one of my favorite Suave Gents – Heavy D!

Not only is this man responsible for the early development of my own sense of style (because big boys can dress stylishly too) but he was a great hip hop artist as well. Indeed, his music encouraged me on many levels. Today, this Jamaican American hip hop marvel is still in the game and recently released a reggae album called Vibes
(available on and iTunes).

I’m happy to have grown up during the 90’s to enjoy my favorites like Now That We Found Love, We Got Our Own Thing, Blue Funk and Truthful
(My FAVE!) – and these timeless tunes still receive heavy rotation on my MP3 player. As he said in Is It Good To You, many are called but the chosen are few and I’ve chosen Dwight “Heavy D” Myers as the first Suave Gent Phatshionista because of all that he has inspired in me and in others around the world.

Still craving a Heavster fix? Visit him using the links below.

Heavy D on Twitter | Heavy D on MySpace

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