Facing the Facts: Having Effective Skin Care Solutions

by Elegance Makeup: Looks By Uhuru


Uhuru of Elegance Makeup

“All the beauty of the world, ’tis but skin deep.”

~ Ralph Venning

Day after day it weathers the ever changing seasons, harsh environments, pollutants & abuse.  What is it?  You skin!!!!!  Face the facts; your skin needs as much daily care as anything else.  We often neglect it or even at times don’t treat it properly.  Having an effective skin care solution is the best start. – Uhuru F. | Elegance Makeup


Identifying your appropriate skin type is the first step in assessing a proper skin care plan designed specifically for you.  Below are the basic skin types to help you decipher which skin type fits you.


Even toned, smooth in texture, no greasy patches or flaky areas, no visible blemishes.  A basic beauty regime  should work just fine.


Dry, prone to allergic reaction or irritation that can leave it red or blotchy.  Refrain from allergen based (such as fragrance & color) or PABA sunscreen ingredients since they can cause frequent allergic skin reactions.


Oily skin results when the skin over produces its natural skin hydrator called sebum.  Steer away from products that strip away oil & promotes flakiness because it causes the skin to work even harder to replenish lost moisture thus becoming oilier.  Use oil-based products to cleanse skin because they effectively reduce sebum & use an oil-free moisturizer to uphold a shine-free complexion.


Flaky, chap, tight feeling.  Unlike Oily skin, dry skin maintains a low-level of sebum, making it very sensitive, especially in extreme or dry temperatures.  Utilize cream or oil-based cleansers to help increase moisturizer intake.


Now that you have identified your appropriate skin type, the next step is assessing a proper skin care plan designed specifically for you.


Effective cleansers should remove impurities without a residue or leaving your skin feeling oily afterward.  Above all, avoid utilizing soap & water as a ‘skincare regime.’  Because skin has a natural acidic film that protects it, the alkaline ingredients in soap  – used to control acidic compounds – disrupts your skin’s natural defense levels.


The skin produces new cells & sheds dead ones constantly.  Using minimal pressure, exfoliate using scrubs, creams or gels to remove dead cells.  Utilize peel-off face masks for acne or sensitive skin instead of defoliants.


Moisturizer seals moisture into skin as well as protect the skin and encourage a balance texture.  Use moisturizers that contains a sun screen, such as SPF.


Because the skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of the skin on your body, it requires extra care – especially to reduce signs of aging.  In a gentle patting motion, applying eye creams or gels are great to use over night & in the morning.


Lips loose moisture regularly & naturally lack self-replenishing moisture.  Prone to chapping & dryness, always wear a SPF protective lip balm or coat with Vaseline or similar & lightly exfoliate daily.


Following the simple steps above is a great way to begin a successful skin care plan for healthy radiant looking skin. If you’d like additional tips  or to request a one on one consultation contact me here.

About Uhuru: For over 14 years, Chicago native Uhuru Freeman has participated in many artistic and creative ventures such as dancing, singing and competitive beauty modeling. Currently, as the founder of Elegance Makeup, she has made it her mission not only to beautify others from the outside, but to encourage acknowledgment and acceptance of an individual’s innate inner beauty. Visit Elegance Makeup at www.enchanted-elegance.com for more information or to book your very own elegant experience.

5 Responses to “Facing the Facts: Having Effective Skin Care Solutions”

  1. Thanks Michael ;o) Same to you!!!!!

  2. Both of you ladies are stellar professionals in my book. I have no doubt that you are destined for great things. 🙂 Wishing you both success as deep as the ocean.

  3. Hi Uhuru…great ad. You are a wonderful makeup artist and a beautiful person. I wish you much success.

    • Thank you Victoria ;o) I’m glad you liked the article & appreciate the compliment. Same goes to you & I wish you the best success in the world!!!!! Stay positive & keep up the good work ;o)


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