The TVP Top 10 Ladies with Curve Appeal

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Greetings TVP Fam!

I wanted to take a moment and truly celebrate some truly beautiful women that have helped shaped – and a few that continue to mold – my adoration for women with curve appeal. In no specific order they are:

Audra McDonald
Audra McDonald: Curvy and Independent

Audra McDonald of Private Practice

Great Rap Talent with Curves to Die For

Rap Artist Strings (Gotham City Remix with R. Kelly)

America Ferrera
There’s Nothing “Ugly” About This Beauty

America Ferrera of Ugly Betty

First Lady Obama
The First Lady is Confident, Curvy and Compassionate

First Lady Michelle Obama

Chaka Khan
Chaka is a True Curvy Diva

The Sizzling Chaka Khan

Queen Latifah
It’s the Queen! What?!

Rapper and Media Mogul Extraordinaire Queen Latifah

Phyllis Hyman
Phyllis is Still One of My Favorite Artists

The Incomparable Phyllis Hyman

Sara Ramirez
Sara is Muy Caliente!

Sara Ramirez of Grey’s Anatomy

Jill Scott

LOVE Me Some Jill!

The Amazing Songstress Jill Scott

Toccara Jones
Tocarra is Why I started Watching ANTM

Plus Model Toccara Jones

Those are some of my favorites. Who would you add? Who would you leave out and why? Also, Friday will feature a guest post by one of my favorite curvy ladies NikStar on her favorite Real Gents so be sure to check back!

Note: All Images Are the Property of Their Respective Copyright Owners.

4 Comments to “The TVP Top 10 Ladies with Curve Appeal”

  1. Honestly America Ferrera is not on my “curvy” radar any longer. Yes, when Real Women Had Curves she was all curves… now she’s looking like a typical Hollywood starlet.

  2. Who0t! I’m working on that right now! How awesome that you put Sara on your list! I have a HUGE girl crush on her!

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