Positively Plus Profile: Enchanted Elegance Makeup

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Uhuru Freeman of Enchanted Elegance Makeup!

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This week, TVP is proud to feature Uhuru Nairobi Freeman of Enchanted Elegance Makeup!

Uhuru is a 27 year old mother of two with a passion for creativity and fashion. She is an alumnus of the International Academy of Design and Technology with a BA in Fashion Visual Merchandising Management. Her love of fashion and modeling eventually lead her to her calling – makeup artistry.

In 2006 she founded Enchanted Elegance Makeup which services the Midwest, primarily Illinois, Indiana and Ohio offering:

  • Individual Consultations
  • Bridal Applications
  • Prom Applications
  • Portfolio Services (Models | Photographers)

NOTE: For a full list of rates and services please visit the Enchanted Elegance Makeup site.

True to her name (Uhuru means freedom in Swahili) she has developed a talent for giving her clients the freedom to experience their own natural physical beauty while nurturing their inner beauty. When asked how she defines beauty Uhuru states:

“I believe that true beauty starts from within & it became my mission to
not only beautify others from the outside, but also use the opportunities to encourage & teach beauty from within. So it became my mission to help empower others to believe that being yourself both inside & out is when beauty’s at its best.”

Additionally, Uhuru, and co-founder Mary Frazier, has spearheaded another initiative called the SWM (Super Women of Motherhood) Society. Its purpose: To provide access to a supportive community of mothers, share experiences and encourage productive networking among its members.

If you’d like to learn more about or to book Uhuru and Enchanted Elegance Makeup for your next project please use the information below. You can also find her on Facebook.

Enchanted Elegance Makeup
(866) 303.9494



2 Comments to “Positively Plus Profile: Enchanted Elegance Makeup”

  1. What a inspiration you are to women! Your makeup line is absolutly fabulous!!!! And I can’t wait to be a customer!!! Keep doing what your called for, this glorifies God!! It is more than a pleasure working with you, and a blessing to know you!!! Congrats Uhuru!!!! Simply AMAZING!!!!!!!

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