Beauty is Skin Deep…Or is It?

by M Stagg | The Voluptua Project™

Are we obsessed with beauty?

Hola TVP Fam!

I was just reading a post about the Psychology of Beauty and thought I’d share it with you. Here’s an excerpt:

Beauty as a product of culture and society – This is an accepted fact. The concept of beauty seems to change with time as society changes and the perception of beauty varies in different cultures. Dark skin is considered very attractive in Western societies and whiter skin is considered as attractive in Eastern societies, because of the element of novelty in both the cases. Feet and hair of women are important features in Eastern cultures whereas in the West, the woman’s lips, and hips are considered important. The breasts of women are important indicators of beauty in all cultures and men’s body and chin or jaw and certain masculine sharpness are also considered as attractive. Studies have indicated that women however tend to prefer dominant looking men during the first follicular stage in their reproductive cycle but prefer men with softer more feminine features when they are in their menstrual and ovulation stages. This may have some evolutionary advantage as men with feminine soft natures and faces are considered as more stable and more family oriented than men who have extreme masculinity or a sort of raw appeal. This is however too generalized and there are individual differences as well.

How do you,as a curvy lady or real gent, perceive beauty? Is it in the eye of the beholder? Is it something purely physical or does it tread deeper than that? Let’s talk!

Keeping it Curvy,


2 Comments to “Beauty is Skin Deep…Or is It?”

  1. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. What each of us perceives as “beauty” is different. You can be a beautiful person, no doubt, but physical beauty plays a big part in how attractive you find someone. It’s not about being a perfect beauty, it’s more about finding someone that you’re a perfect fit with.

    La Blaxicana

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    • Thanks for commenting La Blaxicana!

      Question: If it’s about finding your perfect fit what happens when we are so obsessed with looks we negate someone who may be perfect for us to be with someone who is physically more appealing but not so good for us? How would you decide who to be with?

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